Let Love Guide You



When Love comes
Don’t look back and don’t be concerned about the future
Accept it fully as it is
Let Love take you wherever it wants, let yourself go, let it guide you

When you persist and don’t want to let go of control, you try to define Love and tell it what do
But Love never listens, therefore it thrills you
Insecurity and fear turn everything into paranoia, obsession and leads to destruction
It’s the same power as Love but just twisted and misused by the mindLove is timeless and unbound; mind is limited with time and space
When you try to measure Love with the mind, you find only helpless resistance, and that resistance is what hurts

The so called “heart break” is when Love is breaking through the limits of the mind
Pushing on the walls made of fear of loosing control and the image of who you believe you are
Without realizing that this is the best thing that can happen to us

Falling apart of beliefs “how it should be” brings you to the experience of “how it is”
It simply liberates you, so you could rest in the absolute truth

The pain is not Love
It’s not the “love heart” that breaks but the cage around it
Illusions, patterns and conditioning we were not aware of, are now brought up to the light
Love uproots them all from within

It will hurt you as long as you will try to wrestle with Love
Until you fully surrender and say:
“Yes, take me, I’m all yours”

With Love,

Malwina x