Quiet The Mind To Hear Your Heart




Our Heart is beautiful
It would never want to harm anyone
It doesn’t judge nor condemn
It’s not selfish
It just tells us what’s good for us and what’s not
Here Now
It’s free

But time to time we cage it by our minds
Which are restless
Which want so many things
Which shout so loud that we can’t Hear the Heart

So we are looking and looking…
Trying to find “it” in the next thing and the next person, the next thrill
Always hungry
We become like junkies who want more and more
Mistaking adrenaline for joy and bliss
Till we get tired and lost

But let’s not be discouraged my friends
It’s when our minds become exhausted with running and fighting
It’swhen we feel lost and doubtful
We surrender and become quiet

That’s when we HEARt again
This peaceful and gentle knocking from within
Guiding us back on our unique tracks which are connected to all
In a perfect harmony

So instead of looking we simply listen
If we follow, we flow effortlessly with peace and joy
If we don’t, we get lost
The whole process repeats again and again
Until we become more and more sensitive and attentive to HEARtING

Let’s embrace our miss-takes, they are just the sign posts directing us back to the HEARt.

They say there are two ways on a path to Self discovery

One is through pain, and the other is through joy

Now when we know the process
We can choose
To keep looking outside and learning through the contrast of pain
Or to keep quiet and follow the bliss

Ultimately we all arrive at the same spot in this infinite combination of ways

All is as it should be

With all my HEARt 😉

Malwina Stach