Lucid Dreaming

As a Lucid Dreaming Coach I am here for you to discuss your needs and help you to apply the most suitable solutions and technique, observe your improvements and help you to remove obstacles, answer your questions and exchange personal experience.

Hatha Yoga

Thanks to regular yoga practice – as we are going through challenges – we can notice the changes which are happening within us and in relationship we have with ourselves, which we then naturally integrate to our daily life. We become more open, flexible, peaceful, clear and balanced.

Intuitive Life Coaching

It’s a one on one service based on Yoga Psychology and Positive Mental Health approach enriched by wisdom of Eastern Teachings, Silva Method, Shamanism and understanding of Natural Universal Law. The sessions are empowered by intuition and unfold organically creating atmosphere of alignment.

 About Me

About Me

I am a Psychologist, a Hatha Yoga Teacher and trained Yoga Monkey Massage Swing Teacher and a Life Mentor. I am also born Lucid Dreamer who advanced the skill throughout my lifelong practice as well as by receiving teachings from Lucid Dreaming teachers from different traditions, so I can now share my knowledge and realisations through Lucid Dreaming Coaching. I am passionate about Yoga, Holistic Psychology, Lucid Dreaming, Astral and Mental Projections, Dvaita and Advaita Philosophy, Health and Well-being, Art, Ecstatic Dance, Shamanism, Bio-energy Therapy, Alternative Medicine, Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics.


Life-Mentor Organization established to bring light to people's hearts, helping them being more conscious, educated and happy.


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