Give love



There is no outside.
There is no strangers.
Honour every person you meet, cherish every relationship you have.It is simply an extension of yourself.
If you judge, criticize or blame you are just pointing on things which are already existing in you.

This so called “shadow” is asking to be acknowledged by reflecting itself in others and is only possible to be integrated through Love, which is the highest acceptance.

If you will see the negative in others, do not react but know that it’s a projection of your own unconscious negativity, and trough that knowing the transformation happens and the accurate action follows.

In our hearts we know, we are all good, just sometimes lost, sometimes tired and fall into unconscious states.

But the more we focus on good in others, the more good they will show to us.
The more we focus on negative in others, the more negative will come to us.
Simple as that.

We have a choice how we see the world, what we are focusing on in our life.
Even if it seems very dark right now, shifting the focus bit by bit can create the gaps in these storm clouds through which the sun can be seen.
The sun is never gone, it’s just temporarily covered.
In us, as in others.

Keep shining and looking for the sunshine in others. You may never know, how this simple change of your perception can change somebody else’s life.

With Love,

Malwina Stach