“Participation in the Lucid Dreaming Workshop led by Malwina Stach made me realize how important dreams are, and in how many ways you can use them. Malwina gave us, participants, many useful techniques of gaining consciousness in a dream, as well as the ways to extend it  in a dream. I would recommend warmly this workshop. Malwina is a great teacher, has a great deal of experience and is able to convey knowledge in a very understandable way, while showing dozens of examples. Thanks Malwina, thanks to you, I feel that I made a huge step forward.”

“I am extremely grateful to Malwina for the opportunity to participate in her workshop on Lucid Dreaming, because it is thanks to her I stopped being afraid of nightmares and understood their importance and how I can use them to change my life and accept the past. Another amazing thing was the way Malwina through her great knowledge and her own experience taught me techniques of Lucid Dreaming. She showed me the opportunity to make my dreams come true, learn new abilities or do self treatment which can be used in real life. I am very impressed with the gift which Malwina has and with her willingness to share it. I feel that it has opened the door to a new world. I really recommend everyone to discover the essence of sleep, because it’s worth it!!”

“Malwina – Great instructor and lecturer of Lucid Dreaming, raises a very interesting issue, gives many valuable and important information that will help to open up to great opportunities during sleep (and beyond). Lectures of Malwina broadened my horizon in looking at Lucid Dreaming, Techniques and practice allowed me to begin the first steps in this direction. Thank you very much Malwina for opening a new chapter in my life, which is really interesting and exciting. I absolutely recommend participation in her next class.”

“I want to thank Malwina Stach for the fact that I could participate in her Lucid Dreaming workshop. I am grateful as it showed me a new world, a world where I can get to know my real self. Where thanks to Lucid Dreaming I can fulfil my dreams. I’ve been interested in Lucid Dreaming for a long time, when I met Malwina and found out that she leads a workshop on this subject, I thought how lucky I am. I’ve learned all sorts of techniques that will help me to consciously dream, a symbolism of dreams, why do we have nightmares and much, much more. Malwina Stach is a lovely person, full of goodness and knowledge, which she wants to share with others. In her company I felt calm and relaxed. Ending one class I could not wait for the next 🙂 I highly recommended !! Thank you Malwina for knowledge that you shared, and that you came on my way. Thank you :-)”

“The Lucid Dreaming training with Malwina Stach, is more than a method of becoming conscious in a dream, it’s an amazing adventure of discovering yourself again. I went through the whole course and the week after I had my first lucid dream. I felt phenomenal, like I was almighty. I knew that I can now do whatever I want, I can learn, I can fix the relationships, I can realize a plan that Malwina helped to create at the training. Another lucid dream I had a few days later. I am very grateful to myself that I invested my time and energy in workshop with Malwina, her knowledge is very extensive, and classes are held in a humorous and passionate way, what is seen and felt. I highly recommend it to anyone. ”

“The Life Alignment and tailored Yoga sessions I have had the privilege of having with my teacher Malwina have been none other than incredibly powerful and life transforming. Malwina is a natural coach with infinite amounts of wisdom gained through her life experiences and I thoroughly enjoy every moment we share in our sessions and always leave feeling incredibly elevated and ready to take on the day and life. She has offered unbelievable amounts of support which I cherish deeply and recommend her services and beautiful presence to anyone wishing to explore their lives on a deeper level and take the steps of courage, hand in hand with Malwina to transform into their highest potential. With love xxx”
Joanna G.

“I found both Yoga and Lucid Dream lessons with Malwina to be so inspiring and encouraging on all levels. Her lessons are personal and intimate as she teaches attentively and caters to your needs. I love how Malwina explains clearly, patiently and caringly and always taking time to answer questions I may have. Her enthusiastic and passionate yet calm demeanour always leaves me feeling uplifted and inspired to continue after. I am grateful I have this wonderful teacher in my life ”
Shashi S.

“Meeting Malwina has allowed me the opportunity to unlock the potential within myself to ignite the determination to reach my goals and dare to aspire for greater without being held back by self limiting fears. She listens and speaks in the role of a well-wisher, ever encouraging, with a calm and peaceful demeanour. Malwina puts her heart in all the services she offers, and this can be felt by anyone who has been in her presence and experienced the warmth it brings”
Reshma N.

I would like to share with you my adventure with Lucid Dreaming.
When I was a small child I often dreamed. It is an amazing thing when a child has dreams, the land where it feels safe and is entirely up to him. This period in which I’ve been growing up rapidly, shortened with time, until got completely lost. As I was growing, more and more responsibilities were coming to my life until the first traumatic events. Then I ceased to have dreams or I could simply not remember anything after waking. I’ve had periods where I remembered a part of the dream, but the dreams fundamentally differed from those of childhood, even I felt more discomfort, because I simply did not understand them and interpreted them with “Uncle Google” 🙂 That’s right, he always gracefully tried to inform me what the dream could mean … The moment came into my life when things started to take a different meaning, and again began to search for myself. It was, it is still an intense period in my life, until today 🙂 I am a grateful writing from this position today 🙂 Finding myself again with a new own true identity. Literally over a month ago my dreams returned. But it’s been a different kind of dreams. It was surprising that while dreaming I was aware that I am in the present, and that the things that come in dreams are like moving, ie. that I have an impact on them and I can change them. This fascination with something really new awakened great interest in the issue, which many years ago I heard and even read somewhere. Very soon arose a new desire, to find people who know something more about this and will be able to share their insights. Just a few days after I thought about it I received an invitation to Malwinas Lucid Dreaming Workshop. My heart was so rejoiced that I could not refrain from tears of joy that the universe works so fast and sent me Malwina with her workshop. A few days before the workshop I decided to call the organizer to feel and see if I make the right decision. The conversation with Malwina was literally magnetic. I’ll say “I felt her person, it was like conciliate the souls on a similar level” 🙂 I hope Malwina will not blame me for such a formulation I used to describe my feelings towards her person? What I just wrote is an evidence of great respect I have for her. Malwina, a person, a woman with an open heart to people, warm and having great knowledge about lucid dreaming, explained to me how everything looks like and shared her own experience during a conversation with me. I came to the workshop where I got a lot of information about the cultures that cultivate lucid dreaming, I got a lot of technical information on how, when it is best to practice to achieve a state in which I will be lucid in a dream. This is one of the most beautiful gifts I received <3 A few days after the workshop I started to lucid dream 🙂 It’s an adventure as no many … I do not want to describe here the experience of my own, but I would like to invite you all to the workshop with Malwina. Find out who you are, experience your second life anew during Lucid Dream 🙂 With Love and Best Regards”

Łukasz Grzegorz Kominek

“From first conversation with Malwina she approached me with friendly attitude, heart warming lady. In Lucid Dreaming Workshop people arrived a bit closed but interesting thing happened as everyone left the course happy and with open hearts. Course is interesting, fun and informative for beginners and for intermediate lucid dreamers. This time and energy investment with Malwina is for whole life, till we die with this knowledge and practice consciously. Thank you Malwina from my whole heart :)”


“I met Malwina at a conference for consciousness and human evolution in London. Despite meeting many other positive and very beautiful souls, Malwina had a special Aura that intrigued me. As we started chatting, she told me that she is actually a lucid dream und spiritual teacher. I searched online for information about her and found many interesting things that motivated me to start the training sessions with her. Since she lives in London and I live in Switzerland, we did skype sessions but it worked wonderfully and we connected well in a consciousness level despite being “physically distant”.

The communication with Malwina was very pleasant and easy flowing. I enjoyed every second of it. I was able to ask all the questions I have always wanted to discuss with someone who is spiritually awaken. Over 5 sessions, we covered a vast variety of topics. She was able to answer almost all of my questions and with the help of her techniques she showed me how to find the answers within myself. There are plenty of positive benefits I obtained from the sessions with Malwina, but here are the 3 examples that positively impacted my life the most:

1 ) Nutrition: I decided to become a vegan immediately after the first session. The slaughter and maltreatment of animals have always been in the back of my mind, but somehow I never managed to fully understand it. When we discussed with Malwina about the life force of the creator flowing through all living beings including animals, that eating dead animal meat is actually consuming “dead meat filled fear, pain and negative energy”, and that human bodies and our digestive systems are actually created to eat organic food (vegetables, plants and fruits) like the monkeys, then it all made perfect sense. At that moment I knew I’m never eating meat or any animal derived product ever again. I couldn’t believe I have been so blind for so long. The way to explain it is that through the sessions with Malwina, I was able to connect to a higher level of consciousness. It made like a “click” in my mind and since then I have been a vegan and it has not been difficult at all. I don’t miss it and I don’t feel the need to eat meat. Malwina also gave me some useful information about what to eat for alternative sources of protein, etc. Since then I feel a lot better, I have lost 6 kg, I go to sleep not feeling exhausted and I wake up very light and full of energy, my meditations are more intense and I sleep a lot deeper, my skin is a lot healthier and I can just feel the flow of energy through my entire body. Adapting my nutrition has been the basis for a healthier and more spiritual life.

2 ) Lucid Dreams: Dreams are sooo important and we tend to never pay any attention to them. Although I still have not been able to lucid dream yet, Malwina showed me many techniques to become more aware of my dreams and keep a dream journal. Discussing my dreams with Malwina helped me decode the messages hiding within my dreams. The meanings have become so clear and they have made perfect sense. Becoming more aware of my dream world has proven to be very helpful in understanding myself, my inner conflicts, my dark and light shadows and my higher purpose in life.

3 ) Meaning of life: The most positive impact Malwina’s session has had on me is that I am no longer afraid of my dreams. I am no longer scared of my visions. I no longer fear to accept my path. I believe that ever person has a higher purpose in life and that is not to just to pay bills and do a job you don’t enjoy. Everybody has passions, talents and dreams, but most of us have been taught not to believe in ourselves and most of us don’t embrace nor pursue our dreams. The meditation techniques, exercises and affirmations that Malwina showed me, enabled me to become more aware of my deepest fears, hidden talents and ultimate purpose. My visions and dreams used to make me think that I am crazy and I used to be afraid of them. Unfortunately many people are afraid to follow their dreams and passions.  With the help of Malwina, not only did my higher purpose become clearer but now I have also found the courage to embrace it and speak openly about it. Those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, end up doing it. Now I feel that there is no dream too big and there is no vision too crazy. Everything is possible if you allow the grace of God to flow through your heart and if you synchronize your consciousness with the universal consciousness. Malwina can you help achieve that state of mind.

Malwina has been a true blessing and I thank God so much for bringing her to my life 🙂 “


Amazing workshop and such a lovely people. Thank you very much for such a lovely travel inside our body and mind! Totally I can recommend it to everyone who wants to know a bit more knowledge about meditation and answer questions about yourself!