Lucid Dreaming

    “Our unconscious minds hold a wealth of wisdom—about both ourselves and the world around us. This treasure trove is rarely accessed in the waking state but once we become lucid we gain access to a library of insight that resides in our dreaming mind. Through lucid dreaming we become conscious within the unconscious. This opens up the possibility of directly communicating with our own divine potential, and witnessing just how limitless we actually are.”

Charlie Morley



What is Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. To be lucid in a dream, in other  words, means to be conscious of the fact that our body is sleeping and the reality we experience is simply a dream we can observe or consciously interact with.


The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  • Self Therapy, psychological healing (PTSD and nightmare integration, phobias, trauma, confidence)
  • Increasing mindfulness in waking life
  • Body healing
  • Spiritual practice while dreaming
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Learning new or improving old skills (brain neuron-plasticity)
  • Accessing subconscious data, past memories, discovering and braking old patterns
  • Understanding of death and dying, preparation
  • Fulfilling desires, experimenting, exploring, having fun


Lucid Dreaming Coaching

Lucid Dreaming Coaching is design to teach you techniques of inducing LD and assist you in your progress. Whether you would like to learn LD for fun, to enhance your spiritual practice or for self-healing purposes, LD Coach is there for you to discuss your needs and help you to apply the most suitable solutions and technique, observe your improvements and help you to remove obstacles, answer your questions and exchange personal experience.