Transformative Therapy


It’s a one on one service based on Yoga Psychology and Positive Mental Health approach enriched by wisdom of Eastern Teachings, Silva Method, Shamanism and understanding of Natural Universal Law. The sessions are empowered by intuition and unfold organically creating atmosphere of alignment.

On the journey to personal alignment we often meet blocks of resistance (negative emotions) which are simply indicators of our hidden dysfunctional beliefs and fears. During the session we have an opportunity to face them and gently undress ourselves from all unnecessary burdens they may have created, shifting our perception and allowing true desires resurface.

Discovering our true desires leads to understanding of our individual calling, and releasing resistance to it attracts opportunities of fulfilment and further expansion. To live with alignment means to live happy, joyful and purposeful life, where our actions are effortlessly triggered by inspiration and wanting not by aversion, guilt or pressure. We move trough experiences with intuition, positive expectations, courage and trust that all is well.

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Simply it is Psychology, knowledge about the mind, based on Yoga Philosophy. I’ve learned about Yoga Psychology from Dr Krishnamurti, who specializes in Adult and Child Psychiatry. In her work she skilfully applies Integral Yoga Therapy at the physical and mental levels. She creates a fascinating synthesis of Psychology and Spirituality, showing how Yoga can be used to work with the emotions and lead to positive mental health. She learned Yoga and Meditation as a child under highly respected Yoga masters.