Let’s Love Each Other Well



I’ve been loved well.
I wish everyone could be loved well at least once, because I know that after tasting this Love you would never settle for less, nor should you.

I’m not talking about infatuation and lust, passion and obsession kind of love which deludes you or makes you feel imprisoned and dependant after a while.

I’m talking about Love which breathes through you when you are out of breath, holds you in it’s arms when you are falling apart, and sees you at your worst but when you look into it’s eyes you see only a reflection of your beauty.

I’m not talking about Love in which you loose yourself but the one which finds you.

The Love that allows you to swim in the ocean of bliss, timelessly, without fear of drowning, because you know that if you will drown, you will only experience how it feels to be truly alive.

The love that makes you feel more free than when you are by yourself.

Love that doesn’t expect nor demands, it only rejoices in things you do or give out of free will.

The kind of Love which wants to know you inside out so much, that it takes you on a self discovery adventure.

Love that goes away sometimes but never makes you feel that it is a final good bye, so you don’t need to grieve or fight to keep it. You don’t try to own it either, because you want others to be loved well too.

I’m talking about Love that is so honest that it makes you notice when you are lying to yourself, freeing you from self delusion.

I’ve been loved well, so now I know that it’s the only way I want to be loved.

And I’ve learned that this is the only way I can love myself, so I could love you well too.

Let’s love each other well.

Malwina Stach