Create Your Life Now!



Create your life Now.

Human effort and “God’s grace” are the two forces of creation.

When we are conscious and present here now, every moment is an opportunity to change the rest of our life’s.

We can choose to be the silent observers of what’s happening without taking things personally or we can choose to be conscious creators who love to play as they find joy in expressing themselves in the most creative ways.

In the present moment we can consciously rewrite our programs and beliefs which create our personal reality.

When we change our future in this way, our perspective of the past changes as well, therefore the past we thought we have, simply vanishes.

We are not the prisoners of our past and future, we are the creators of it, as time actually works forward and backwards simultaneously.

We are only afraid of the future events because of the past experiences, when we don’t know the freedom we truly have.

First of all we need to realise that our perception needs to be consciously directed onto another level, the level in which we can see how the laws of the existence work.

How our thoughts, feelings and states affect our experiencing of life, and how this experiencing influences our further actions and reactions. Until we become aware of that, we are stuck in endless loops.

Second of all we can apply those laws to the way we think, so we can consciously get out of the loop of old patterns.

Third of all we need to be present, as only then we have the access to the laboratory of the minds sacred geometry.

So relaxation and meditation is the key!

And the last thing is to believe, to simply know that it all works.

Know that your past doesn’t have to be a hindrance which stands on your way.

Know you can still change everything you want about your life by changing the habitual ways of thinking right now.

You know now that it’s up to you how your life will be.

You only need to discover, what you truly want and desire, like there never been the past, like you could start fresh each moment, because you can.

Your truest desires are in fact the desires of the whole, and are meant to be fulfilled for the benefit of all beings.

So dare to dream, dare to go out of the limits of what you used to, make the impossible possible and watch “God’s grace” in action.

With Love,

Malwina Stach