Appreciation is Freedom



Appreciation makes things grow.
It opens the door to the greatest abundance, even when we don’t see the potential yet.
It simply nourishes the seeds.
It is the silent trust in the highest intelligence.

Demands, expectations and control, can destroy even the greatest potentials.
They are the sign of fear and distrust.
They simply waste the seeds by creating unfavourable conditions.

Aren’t we the gardeners of our life’s?

Let’s be mindful of how we speak to ourselves and others, how we relate to this world.

Respect to our and others space and free will is the foundation of healthy communication and blossoming relations.

In fact no-one and no-thing “have to” or “should” anything.

Simple changes in our attitude can bring magical results on every level of our life’s.

The more we appreciate, the more we receive.
The more we demand and control, the more disappointed we get, because nature has it’s brilliant ways to teach us how to let go and trust.

To appreciate is to be free.

Thank you

Malwina Stach