Life is Changing



Life is changing, and its a good news!

They say that life is full of surprises.
We never know what’s going to happen next. We think we know but truly we don’t, therefore we try so hard to find security and comfort in life, that we “miss the life itself”.

Our existence runs on habits and patterns which we constantly repeat and repeat, until we get stuck in this invisible prison of thoughts, feelings and reactions.

It feels good at first, because there is a sense of solidity and stability in our outside world.

But with the passing of time we start to get sick. Our body speaks to us loudly when something is not right, informing us that it’s time to change direction, but often it is too late, because we ignored symptoms for such a long time. We were afraid of change. We were afraid of loosing the old, not knowing the new.

Life is changing, and it suppose to change. There nothing wrong with the change, such is nature of life.

What hurts us and destroys our peace and health is the resistance to change, it is the need to control and demanding that things should always go our way.

It’s time to see things from a new, fresh perspective and truly fall in love with the change.

Through change we grow and expand. Through change we get rid of things which no longer serves us.
Through change we gain new beautiful things.
Through change we heal.

Thanks to the changeable nature of things we can experience each moment freshly.

We can stay aware and mindful, enjoying the unknown which is unfolding in front of us.

We can respond to each new situation with the clarity, accuracy and creativity, instead of a pattern which may be no longer valid and perpetuates the stagnation and fear.

We simply learn how to flow with life instead of going against it!

Let’s open our minds with the curiosity about the next moment and our hearts with the acceptance of everything that comes and goes.

Let’s embrace The Change which makes all things possible.

The only safety we can find in this world is within us.

It is the knowing that whatever happens, always happens for the best, and we are able to respond to it in our best capacity, with best intentions.

The rest is out of our control and it creates the space where the joy and excitement of life lays and the expansion happens. The space where we can simply relax in trust.

So lets try a new way of seeing which instead of fear of loosing control, brings the sense of security in being held by the unknown.

It’s time to truly live!

Malwina Stach