Suffering Comes From Resistance



I am in love with the change

I am amazed how things which feel so solid or stable simply de-construct

I adore surprises when something I am so sure about simply goes away, leaving space for something new to come

I am delighted that I never know what’s going to happen, so I can stay always curious and attentive to everything

I love the fact that I don’t need to define myself, so I can be the way I am at every moment

I am fascinated about the death, wondering why I can’t remember its face, although I know we have met before

Life seems to be like a game between the surrender and the resistance

We can let the things flow or we can try to fight against the power stronger than anything

It’s up to us how we live it

Our joy and our suffering depends on our attitude

The secret lays in embracing the change and understanding that it actually works for our benefit

It’s like a surfer on the ocean learning how to surf changing waves

He knows they are coming, he welcomes them, embraces them and uses his skills in this challenge

He knows that he has the power within to learn and find the balance and the strength

He doesn’t complain about the wave, he works with it and enjoys it

Let’s be the surfers of life, instead of drowning in resistance to it

This way we can learn, grow and enjoy

Let’s change our suffering into “surfering” 😉

The truth is we are all in this ocean already

It seems that the only choice we have is to wake up or to keep drowning 😉

With love and embrace ♡

Malwina Stach