Honouring Others is Honouring Yourself


When you honour yourself you automatically honour every being coming in contact with you.

What does it mean to honour yourself?

It is knowing who you truly are and giving respects to that one, surrendering to its ways and it’s guidance.

When you surrender to “yourSelf”, you simply follow the inner voice which is telling you what’s is good for you and what is not good for you at the specific moment, and you do what it tells you without the excuses.

It is like the mind full of ideas with the need to control and self destructive patterns, eventually surrenders to the heart.

If you go against it, trying to overly please others, you are simply sacrificing your well being and highest good for those who doesn’t honour themselves.
No being who honours himself would wish for you to do that. He would be the first who would set you free.

It always starts from you.
When you surrender to the truth within you, you give others a message that they are allowed to do the same.
I say allowed because in our society nowadays self sacrificing became a silent mode of being, which makes us being susceptible to manipulation and control.
Many of us as kids, in a process of socialisation, were trained what is allowed to do, think, and feel, and what is not.
Freedom, the respect to our and others free will, wasn’t exercised, so we may not even know that it is allowed to be free if you know what I mean 😉

It’s time to wake up to this truth and have a honest look into ourselves.
Are we honouring ourself first before we give to others?
Are we following the messages of well being or giving into unhealthy habits we used to, doing things because others do them too?
Are we honouring our body and its needs before we honour bodily needs of others?
Are we listening to our hearts and therefore the hearts of others?
Are we able to honour the needs of others, instead of projecting on them our ideas?
And are we honouring ourself to speak about our needs and hold our boundaries?

Are we truly honouring other beings if we don’t even know how to honour ourselves?

Honouring ourselves doesn’t mean we become selfish, and expecting others to follow our ways, becoming insensitive to their needs. Demonstrating them our freedom in a hurtful way, like kids raging against the parents, is immature and has nothing to do with honour and truth.
It’s quiet opposite! We become more kind, respectful, open to true connection, honest, sensitive and nourishing. Our empathy increase so we can see and feel others more. We care for others best interests in fact.

When we do not honour ourselves we send the information to others that they can expect us to go against our truth any time, and if they don’t honour themselves they may unconsciously use this power we are giving away to them.

Say Yes to yourself, to the guide within you!
Undress yourself from all the things which are not true to you, let them fall in a process of honouring yourself.
Be kind and gentle to yourself and other beings while this is happening.
Respect other beings even if they don’t agree with you.
Rememberthat you give them “permission” to find their freedom too.

Honour yourself so much that the others learn that they can’t come “close” to you until they honour themselves too.

With honour and love ♡

Malwina Stach

☆ I loved this image so much that I’ve decided to use it. Please let me know if you know the artist ♡