What is Love?



Everything is energy.

It changes and transmutes infinitely.

The attachment to things and people is empowered by false belief or a fear based wish that something is solid and it’s meant to last forever.

It is as if we deny to know the truth of life, out of fear of loosing the payout of our energy investment. While nothing is ever lost.

Most of our relationships are based on Karmic attachment. The law of cause and effect, or in simple words, the memories which are imprinted within our energy body after we have done, said or thought something which caused us to feel emotions (but not necessarily), especially if we repeated it many times.

Most of them, if not all, are based on unconscious actions and reaction.

If we were emotionally attached to someone in previous life’s, meaning our relationships were running on illusive beliefs and projections rather than true Love (clear seeing), we will keep meeting those people over and over again until the Karma is burnt, or when we gain realisation about the nature of life and with this realisation the attachment will simply disappear.

When the attachment between people dissolves, we may notice that we feel “nothing” to them any more, thinking that the Love is finished and often saying that we begin to feel “empty” next to them, as they don’t give us what they used to give.

But the truth is that only then, when the attachment mistaken for Love goes away, our beliefs and projections of people die, we have the space to truly see them as they really are and have the chance to love them truly, and accept them unconditionally.

It may be then that the relationship served it’s purpose and there’s no need to be staying together as a couple any longer, or it may be, that even though we don’t have the need of each other any more, we still consciously choose to be together.

This choice comes from clarity and freedom, not from karmic addiction and clinging to illusion about each other.

We often, especially at the beginning of the relating, tend to romanticise our lovers. It means we create a story about them in our heads which gives us thrills and different kind of feelings which we unconsciously mistake for Love.

But the Love we deeply desire is not in people. The one and only true Love is within us and does not depend on anyone and anything outside of us. Others can only reflect it back to us, that’s all.

Nothing will ever fill the emptiness we feel inside, because this emptiness is simply caused by absence of ourselves.

We tend to live in a world of thoughts and feelings, we are lost in our own thinking so much that we forget to simply be present within ourselves and see things as they actually are.

When we believe that Love is outside of us we become insecure and can be easily manipulated and fooled.

We betray ourselves and self sacrifice just to get the feeling of “Love”, or being loved.

We search for the acceptance of ourselves in the eyes of others, like puppies doing tricks for the approval. And when we hear the words we needed to hear we think that someone is showing us Love, that someone is actually loving us.

When they withdraw it, we feel like someone stopped loving us and we try to win that love again or suffer in absence of it.

When we realise that NO ONE can ever truly LOVE US until he can truly SEE US, beyond the projections he puts on us, we are directed to look for that Love inside of us, in our own hearts. And to experience it, we as well need to let go of the beliefs and projections we have about ourselves.

When we know that Love is the fragrance of our own being, and we can feel it when we are simply present in our hearts, we stop looking for it outside of us and we realise our own freedom.

Freedom first to be who we are (self acceptance) and then simply being freedom, being the space where the Love resides.

Love is not exclusive.

Attraction is exclusive. It is based on personal conditioning, lust and karma.

Relationship is a choice or a fall, based on current state of mind. It can become a habit and run empowered by attachment.

Relationship can be a conscious choice made over and over again if grows aligned with the expansion of people involved.

Relationship is not Love but it can be empowered by Love. If we first find it within.

Let’s help each other to find it within ourselves, so we could rejoice in sharing it with each other.

Malwina Stach