About Blame



Our life can dramatically change when we realise that truly conscious being can’t harm another on purpose.
Therefore, if we see someone acting unkind it means he must be in unconscious state.
Most of the time when someone is acting in unconscious way towards us, we get triggered and fall into the same mode as this person.
But this doesn’t have to be the case and actually here lays the opportunity, where the big learning can take place.
We always have a choice: we can react emotionally or respond with compassion and love.
Compassion comes from realising that if someone is unconscious it means he is in truth suffering, same as when we are unconscious.
We don’t realise that until someone push our button and trigger the pain in us.
If we would learn to respond with compassion to every unkind act towards us, this could bring the light of realisation to another person as well and lead to a beautiful meeting of hearts.
Blaming others for our reactivity is in fact pushing away the responsibility for our own unconsciousness.
If we take full responsibility for our pain, situations which trigger us turns into blessings, waking us up from unconscious sleep.
Instead of playing a ping pong with bullets flying towards one another, we can than use the first painful shot as a sign that we were sleeping and say thank you to the other for this favour.

In the same way our life can dramatically change when we realise that all the hurt we have ever experienced happened because of our own unconsciousness.
When we are unconscious our personal programs and conditioning are activated. The reaction to behaviour of others comes from them.
It’s a result of resistance to the material which doesn’t fit to our programs, and this resistance is what we interpret as pain.
When we are conscious we can’t truly get hurt as we don’t take things personally (our programs have no control over us). We do not feel the resistance to anything therefore we do not experience hurt and do not hold the blame.
We are in a state of seeing things as they are and accepting everything as it is.
Forgiveness happens naturally when we realise that all the hurt comes from unconsciousness, that deep inside we are all good and have no true intentions to harm anybody.
We are just temporary covered with masks which we are identifying with.
So blaming others for wearing the masks while we have our own masks on is simply pointless and only perpetuate the cycle of suffering.
To became conscious means to become responsible for taking off our mask first. When we do, the show is finished, and others have no other choice but to do the same.

They say the pain is real but the suffering is optional.
Responding with compassion doesn’t mean that we allow others to continue their unconscious attacks.
Sometimes our conscious and loving response can be like a scalpel of a surgent cutting through the body to save life.
Other time the most accurate response is to walk away.
The heart always knows what’s best in a moment.
If we can see even the “enemy” with compassion and loving kindness, his actions can’t truly harm us, because we know that he is the one who actually suffers.
So saying all this, I encourage everyone to take the responsibility for becoming more conscious every day, as all good qualities are born in those who know themselves.
I encourage to look into people’s hearts more and try to understand what they are really trying to say when they act unkind. Instead of blaming them for our pain, we can thank them for waking us up.
I encourage to look into ourselves with compassion, recognising when we are falling asleep again.
This is a beautiful practice which can bring wonderful expansion in our relationships with others, purifying our minds so we could communicate with one another from heart to heart.
These connections in truth are never lost, they are just temporary covered by false and transient thoughts.

“Forgive them…as they don’t know what they are doing” Jesus

With all my love,

Malwina Stach