Write Your Own Authentic Story



What if…
No one and no thing is more special than the other. We all are interdependent, therefore everyone and everything is equally important, but also everyone and everything has unique qualities and abilities to share with one another in this co-existence and co-creation. We can observe this in nature, seeing that every animal, every plant and insect lives without hesitation, knowing exactly what it needs to do without worrying about the effect and fruit of it’s action, simply following the instinct, which human beings often seem to be disconnected from. They don’t give up in a face of any obstacle, they keep being who they are and doing whatever needs to be done, working together, often helping one another and not taking from each other more than it’s needed.
If there’s any purpose at all, it might be to simply remind ourselves who we truly are and let our current best qualities unfold and guide us for the benefit of all.
Our unique talents and passion, things we love to do, effortlessly free flowing from intuitive knowing, things we feel we perhaps could do till the rest of our lives even without ever being paid for…they all are here not by accident, they are actually the things we are here to share with one another and have their own place in whole.
If for any reason we resist them, blaming on financial situation or family and health problems, I would say go and try to do just a little bit of what you really love, and see how everything around you changes.
All creation is here to support that gift only you have and will encourage you to trust in what your heart longs for, so you could see that by doing small steps towards that, you will open the gates of abundance, and will see it has always been here waiting for you to open up, and that’s where the “magic” of being alive happens.
Yes, there are people in this world who suffer in a face of war, political situations, starvation and perhaps they can’t right now, but YOU CAN.
I invite you to find and do your thing little by little and see how the world around you changes accordingly. Ask yourself how you can use it so not only you, but others can benefit from it, and combine it with your deepest wish for the world. By doing so you will encourage others to do the same, and they will become an inspiration for another, that way we can make a change for “those who can’t”.
In following your heart’s current calling you will find your confidence and freedom even while you can’t see a bigger picture. You will no longer look for security outside of yourself, as that could never be found there. You will start to see how ideas and skills simply flows from you without need to posses, label or control them, and how the opportunities to use them appear naturally as an effect of unblocking the flow of your potential.
Sharing peace and joy of being your authentic self, is the biggest gift you can offer. It is a contribution towards collective expansion, recognition that we are in harmony with everyone and everything, and every single one of us is equally, interdependently important as a part of the whole.
Concepts of competition, self worth, self esteem, public fears of what other thinks of us, pressure, judgement and unhealthy self sacrifice will no longer rule our lives. Public manipulation through guilt, insecurity and subliminal induction of excessive needs which do not truly belong to us, simply won’t work because we won’t be dependent on anything that doesn’t feel true and wanted. And if you think that this is just an idealistic concept which has nothing to do with reality, I invite you to simply try and see for yourself, and surround yourself with all these happy people who do the same.
Deep inside we all long for freedom. In a world ruled by money some of us try to get rich thinking that if we posses enough of what controls us, somehow we will become free, sadly only to find out that we become prisoners of what we try to control. We can see that many of us, wealthy or so called successful and famous people are not truly happy and we may wish to live a simple life where the small things matter the most but we feel trapped in all the responsibilities and burdens which fame and wealth came with. So we too can ask these simple questions “Who am I, what my heart longs for, what truly inspires me, what I would choose to do if I would not feel trapped, how could I use it so it could benefit others too, and what is my deepest wish for the world?”.
Many of us already understood and broke through. We share our experience and inspire others by using the power of public speech, different forms of art and service, touching each others hearts.
No matter where you are and what your situation is, you can start right now, with what you have, little by little moving with open curiosity towards your authenticity. Let the inspiration pulls you and enthusiasms moves you. Freedom you long for can’t be found by gaining or loosing anything, nor by searching or running away. Freedom is your nature at the first place and you are the one who have all the answers already. They come spontaneously when you ask yourself the right questions, guiding you towards rediscovering your unique gifts, your own speed and rhythm, over and over again. Perhaps when you will recognize it, you may find no other way of living but simply sharing it with others, and in that sharing you may experience the belonging which you have been secretly longing for.

With Love,

Malwina Stach